Artificial Intelligence

With the advent of large scale cloud hosted AI and ML platforms offered by AWS and Google, it has become a much easier job for app developers to integrate AI and ML in their app and take the benefit of the advanced capabilities of complex AI/ML algorithms even without having to have in-house AI experts.

Arguable the most ubiquitous application of AI is imitating human interactions or the ways humans perceive information — vision and speech.

Deep Learning & Machine Learning

A form of artificial intelligence, machine learning (or deep learning, they mean the same thing) is a framework that lets an algorithm learn to make associations and classifications organically by training on a vast pool of data. We've built a number of these algorithms over the years, and we'd be happy to either develop one fresh for your project or repurpose one of our own.

TensorFlow, Keras and Python are three tools of the trade that we use to build predictive systems that help convert collected data into machine learning models.

Chatbot Development

Chatbots are essentially programs with a conversational interface. Instead of buttons and icons, chatbots use natural human speech to interact with users. We're already working on a number of these, and we can help you build a chatbot to automate customer support, give your brand a human touch, or launch a new business entirely. Compared to other chatbots we do not build our bots on a set of rules and limited input variations. Our chatbots come equipped with AI.

Image Recognition

In the deep learning computer vision approach, the system learns how to recognize a target by itself. Based on hundreds of raw pictures of the given target, deep learning algorithms can build their own optimal set of visual features to recognize this target. The more pictures, the more accurate the system.

Natural Language Processing

With Just AI, companies are launching intelligent models that gradually take over up to 85% of recurrent tasks. They are human-like, language and industry specific and they learn fast. Any task can be automatedt. NLP enables businesses to understand written or spoken language in context and then act on the information.

Image Recognition

Natural Language Processing

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