Automating subscription invoicing for accounting


Do you use any subscription based SaaS like Hotjar or Scheduleonce? I don't know any business owner that does not use at least one. I use more than ten but most business owners I know use at least twice as many.

But this is not an article about if you need so many differnt systems or not. Neither about how much many we are spending on all these applications.

They all have their reason for existence and as entrepreneurs we would not pay for them if the time or value we buy wouldn't be significantly greater than our monthly investment.

I am using an accounting service. You might have a dedicated accountant or you do the accounting yourself. Whatever you do, you need to provide your accountant with the up to date invoices from the applications that you are using so that he or she can do his job.

So every month I have to log into all my applications and download the most recent invoice. I have to log into:

  1. Hotjar
  2. Adwords
  3. Linkedin Sales Navigator
  4. Adobe Creative Cloud
  5. Github
  6. GSuite
  7. AWS
  8. Google Cloud Platform
  9. Browserstack
  10. Scheduleonce

These are the current platforms that I need to log into and download invoices every month. It is A LOT. But it doesn't need to be that way.

Instead you can just automate it via zapier. I will explain to you how I did it

All of these providers send me an email every month with an invoice. But I always just delete the email instantly to get it out of my inbox. Because I do not like mental clutter. But now I am automating the whole process using zapier.

I can use zapier to trigger a zap every time an email comes in. By filtering on the sender, subject and even content I can identifiy an invoice from any of these platforms. Then zapier downloads the invoice and puts it into the gdrive folder dedicated to invoices of the current month. When I upload all my invoices to my accounting system I just need to open my drive folder and all my invoices for this month are there.

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