What I love about a serverless architecture


Serverless is the native architecture of the cloud that enables you to shift more of your operational responsibilities. Serverless technologies let you build applications without thinking about the underlying infrastructure, which increases agility and lowers total cost of ownership.

What is so good about serverless infrastructure?

  • No infrastructure to provision or manage
  • Automatically scales by unit of work
  • Pay for value, not server units
  • Built-in availability and fault tolerance

That means that you no longer have to maintain servers, operating systems, or the software. This means we can focus on writing business logic for you that provides differentiated value to your customers and business.

Serverless technologies automatically scale by unit of work, and have built-in availability and fault tolerance. That means you can use the same architecture to grow your business from a startup to a multinational cooperation. And you can do that at a lower cost because you pay for execution duration, or consistent throughput, not for server unit.

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